Maximize revenue and reduce costs through AI powered contract value management

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With a ceaseless pressure to rev up your organization’s bottom line, you don’t want to overlook the cracks through which a significant portion of your revenue or working capital might be draining away.

DSilo’s AI-powered neural networks analyse complex contracts and collate them with your existing systems to ensure that any value leakage due to oversight of contractual terms does not take place. Such leakages and oversights cost organizations millions of dollars.

Results driven solutions

Contract value management

Minimize supplier and commercial value leakage due to mismatch between contractual terms and actual execution by the business. Typically, the saving uncovered can be between 3% – 8% of a spend or revenue category. Get insights and drive automated actions to recover any value lost.

Contract compliance management

Reduce overall compliance timeline and infrastructure costs by 60%.  Automate existing compliance processes. Minimal reliance on external consultants and auditors. AI powered contract terms extraction and matching to the execution by the business users.

Contract insights extraction

Digitize contracts and clauses without human intervention and then convert them into robust business rules, using AI and neural networks. Minimize the burden to data scientists and engineers by over 90%. Enable the business user to train the neural networks.

M&A due diligence

Simplify due diligence process by reducing the time associated with diligence related activities by over 85%. Enable full transparency into contract obligations, identify hidden warranties, most favored nations clauses and pricing structures.

Revenue value management

Self service interface to enable the commercial teams to ingest commercial terms and automatically recover any trade promotional or service claims. Recover any value lost and drive customer satisfaction by over 90% by driving more visibility for the customers as well.

Third Party Risk Management

Automatically identify third party risk in existing contracts and related data and mitigate risks by enabling automatic actions for resolution.

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contract execution

Solutions by value creation

Extracting, compiling and processing data from multiple sources and applications. The inbuilt reconciliation abilities in DSilo reduce value leakage and maximize data integrity across your IT landscape.

  • Supplier and customer value management
  • Inventory and order reconciliations
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