AI Platform to accelerate value creation

DSilo is a no-code cloud platform that accelerates AI enabled digital initiatives with speed and at scale

DSilo enables you to build complete enterprise solutions without writing a single line of code

Build enterprise applications by visually arranging and rearranging components. Incorporate  multi-enterprise auditable workflows for complete accountability of your data and organizational processes. Use the power of conversational AI for dynamic dashboards. You can leverage pre-build templates with intelligent data automation, machine learning and enterprise-wide security capabilities.

Rapid digitization across your enterprise

Group 3113

No-code platform

A complete no-code cloud platform enabling users to build their own applications at higher speed and a fraction of the cost.

Group 3115

Multi-enterprise auditable workflows

Multipurpose workflow capabilities to manage process, data, automation and intelligence in one interface.

Group 3116

Intelligent data automation

AI based machine learning algorithms to unify external and internal data sets into a unified data model.

Group 3117

AI embedded self learning applications

AI based deep neural networks built into platform to learn from prior actions taken and recommend actions.

Group 3118

Solution templates

Increasing end user adoption and stickiness of use through user driven application customizations of pre-built templates.

Group 3119

Built for enterprise security

World-class enterprise security for your entire range of sensitive and mission-critical needs.

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application development

Solutions by value creation

Extracting, compiling and processing data from multiple sources and applications. The inbuilt reconciliation abilities in DSilo reduce value leakage and maximize data integrity across your IT landscape.

  • Supplier and customer value management
  • Inventory and order reconciliations
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